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Other Services


It has become widely recognised that the condition of electrical equipment in hazardous areas is of prime importance to the safety of a unit.

DOECL experienced surveyors and engineers can carry out hardware equipment / system verification on electrical and instrumentation systems, mechanical and rotating machineries, fire protection systems. Engineering review and analysis of electrical distribution systems, emergency shutdown, automation and control systems, programmable logic control systems (PLC). This is done from full inspection to the formulation of a database capturing all the electrical equipment in hazardous areas.


DOECL undertakes commissioning and verification work to determine that a unit or piece of equipment will perform as expected in operation. We ensure that construction and installation is carried out to international regulatory standards with expertise to assure our clients that performance and acceptance standards are met.


In the offshore oil and gas industries DOECL strives to continuously remain at the forefront setting offshore industry standards by using internationally accepted technical guidance as ICP / IVB in the survey and inspection of self- elevating drilling units (SEDUs or jack-ups), column-stabilized drilling units (CSDUs or semisubmersibles), FPSOs and drillships.


The self-elevating drilling unit has long been the workhorse of shallow water offshore drilling. As the needs of the off- shore industry have increased, so have the capabilities of the jack-ups. DOECL can respond to the technical challeng- es posed by jack-up modifications and new designs with commentaries or specific direction as to how to apply and interpret class Rules for the project.



Semisubmersibles, also known as column-stabilized drilling units, are frequently chosen by operators for their deepwa- ter drilling operations. They can be towed into position and anchored or moved and kept in position by dynamic positioning systems. They are also used as FPSO.



Many of these drillships are intended for ultra deepwater operation at locations approaching 12,000 feet water depth. DOECL can also participate in the upgrades of existing units for service in deeper water.