Survey and inspection campaigns are important inputs in the Asset Integrity Management System (AIM) of FPSOs and other floating offshore facilities.


Further than being subjected to class and statutory requirements, DOECL inspection and survey plans shall reflect the required availability and durability of the unit regarding the field life.

DOECL will help in the identification of the grey areas or components where critical damages can occur, inspection campaign for each asset of the unit and specification of the inspection methods (type of NDT as necessary).

With regards to FPSO, DOECL provide services in the following areas:


  • Drydocking – since dry-docking (required for inspections and repairs of oil tankers) is not envisaged: inspections and repairs have to be performed on site and under continuous operation
  • Conversion / Modification
  • Engineering change management
  • Mooring and riser analysis
  • Project Management relating to topsides and accommodations facilities, export facilities (SBM / Offloading reels)
  • Process plant efficiency management
  • Turn around maintenance